4 Categories of Meditation

Present Moment Awareness: Fully immerse in the now without judgement or the necessity to take immediate action. Techniques may include Anapana Breathing, Zen Breath, and Body Scan. Train the mind to respond versus react.

Calm Focus: Introducing or revisiting positive ideas that create or strengthen a new neural pathway. Techniques may include loving kindness, visualizing, and intention setting that aim to manifest a desired outcome. 

Energized Body + Mind: Through the lens of this category, energy and meditation are thought of as a sensation of power that informs our perception. Activate the breath in a way that clears blockages. Access the flow state of being.

Self Discovery: A mantra-based technique that charms the mind into the 4th state of consciousness. Allow the mind to move beyond the superficial layers of the self. Over time, you expand the sense of Self and the true Nature of identity.