Meet Your Teacher

Pat was first introduced to Vedic Meditation by Kelsey Mathes in 2016. She invited him to Ziva Meditation in NYC and he has been practicing ever since. Pat works privately with Marisa Mickel - meditation consultant / founder of the Vichara Center in NYC. He’s certified to teach by the Veda Center based in Bali, Indonesia. Under the guidance of Charlie Knoles & Liddy Arens, Pat has learned a variety of techniques that he is stoked to share with you!

Let's Meditate 

Meditation is using the mind, body, or breath to change your state of consciousness. There are many ways to practice and one size does not fit all. Let's work together to assess your mind type and find a technique that is tailored to you. We'll experience and break down the 4 categories of Meditation - Present Moment Awareness, Calm Focus, Energized Body + Mind, and Transcendence / Self Discovery. You'll walk away with multiple tools for managing your stress; allowing you to step into the best version of yourself. Interested in private or group instruction? Message me for a free consultation!

Compassion Cleanser (10 mins)

Online Drop In Sessions                  (30 mins.)

Join me Mondays @ 6pm EST + Wednesdays @ 11:30am EST via w/ Kam Meditation's Online Studio!

Game Changer 

Traditionally known as Anapanasati - this meditation holds the foundational principles for Vipasana + Mindfulness Meditation. We’ll use the breath to anchor us into the present moment. Over time this technique can build our capacity to be aware without initial judgement or the need to take immediate action. 

Break Through 

Do you feel stuck or like you’ve hit a wall? Maybe you’re experiencing writer’s block? We’ll start off with Alternate Nostril Pranayama to simultaneously wake up both hemispheres of the brain. Then we’ll call upon past success in a grounding visualization that rejuvenates the creative flow.

Zen Breath 

Meditation for multi-taskers. Recommended pre-req: Anapanasati Breathing. An eyes open experience that sharpens our attention and increases our bandwidth. With an emphasis on posture, we count each breath up to 10 while keeping the senses open. Consistent practice will increase our ability to sit calmly in the midst of discomfort while identifying the layers of good in an otherwise awful situation.  


Compassion Blaster 

Refresh / deeply cleanse your inner love tank with this simple yet powerful technique. We’ll start by directing love to the self and then move outward in our sphere of relationships. Finally, we’ll finish off this session with Kapalbhati breathing - energizing the body from a loving space within.


Cosmic Connection 

This meditation begins with breath work that reboots the chakras. Then we’ll move into a visualization of light originating from the heart - getting brighter and softer with each inward + outward breath. This session cultivates a sense of expansiveness and an alignment with the universe.

The Essential Self 

An introduction to Transcendence. This session begins with a calm focus approach to tap into a unified state of consciousness. We'll break down the layers of the self that have accumulated over time - taking note of qualities that we would like to nourish and qualities that we would like to shed. Then we will gently experiment with the use of a Sanskrit mantra to lull us into the realm of being.